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About Me

My name is Lauren and I am passionate about coming alongside mommas in their journey to a positive, empowered birth experience. My hope as your doula is to provide unbiased support and education as you pursue the birth you desire.  

Based in Chilliwack

Welcome to my little corner of the internet; I'm so glad you're here :) 

I currently work as a Therapy Assistant in Chilliwack, providing Speech and Occupational Therapy support to kiddos on the Autism Spectrum. I graduated from a Therapy Assistant Program at Capilano University in December of 2021 and have been in this role ever since. It is such a joy to spend my time with littles; helping them find the tools they need to feel safe, confident, and equipped to participate in the world around them. 


I completed a DONA-approved Birth Doula, Lactation, and Childbirth Education workshop as of April 2023! It was incredible to learn from like-minded individuals and gain incredible knowledge from experienced doulas who have been working in this field for many years.


I believe that, as women, we are designed to deliver. Our bodies have been intricately created not only to nurture and sustain human life within, but to continue that process in labour, delivery, and postpartum as well. I can't imagine a more beautiful process to be a part of and it is truly an honour to be welcomed into each and every unique experience.